How do I find good bail application lawyers?

bail application lawyers

Lawyers who make bail applications prepare and argue for the release of remanded accused while they await the outcome of their criminal matter. Such submissions are usually made by bail application lawyers before their clients are sentenced, but applications for appeal bail are also made.

Experience matters for bail application lawyers

Bail applications are complex to prepare and advocate for. It requires a lawyer to do an analysis to examine the strength of the remand application made by police, and weigh a variety of factors to determine if there is a realistic prospect of bail. This requires many years of experience for a lawyer to do it well.

Educational background

If you’re engaging with a lawyer, you may find their educational background is important. Some bail application lawyers received their qualifications from prestigious institutions such as the University of Melbourne, whilst others have not.

Manner and competence

As is their manner, and your own assessment of their competence. They should be calm, unflappable, willing to answer questions, and to give you all the information necessary to allow you to understand what you can do to help maximise the chances of bail for your loved one.

History of success

It is important to ask your lawyer if they have been successful with their cases. A good bail application lawyer will be a lawyer that has an established track record of success in published court cases. Have they won in the Court of Appeal? Have they got records which demonstrate they have good results?