Criminal Law

Joseph Burke Law provides legal representation and advice in response to charges for all criminal offences that involve Victorian or Federal Jurisdictions.

This representation often involves appearing in relation to the following offences:

Going equipped to steal
Theft offences
Going equipped to steal
sentence for breaching director's dutiesWhite Collar Criminal Offences
Breach of Directors Duties
Identity Theft
penalty for child abuse materialChild Abuse Material Offences
Possession of child abuse material
first time drink driving offenceDriving Offences
Culpable Driving
Dangerous Driving
Driving under the influence
Driving while suspended
Failing to stop at an accident
Fail to exchange details after an accident
First time drink driving offence
Refuse to provide a breath sample
Speeding Fines
Traffic Offences
Drug PossessionDrug offences
Penalty for drug possession
manslaughterViolence Offences
Domestic violence