How do I review fines in Victoria?

One can review fines in Victoria through the Fines Victoria agency.

review fines in Victoria

The easiest way is to request a review of your fine online through the Fines Victoria website, by completing and mailing in a review application form, or by calling Fines Victoria.

Requesting to review fines in Victoria

When requesting a review, you should provide any supporting evidence that you have to explain why you believe the fine is unfair or should be reduced. This could include evidence of financial hardship, medical reasons, or any other relevant factors.

Fines Victoria will assess your review request and provide a decision in writing. If your review is successful, the fine may be reduced or waived. If your review is unsuccessful, you may still have options to challenge the fine through the court system.

It’s important to note that there are time limits for requesting a review of fines, so it’s important to act quickly if you believe a fine is unfair or should be reduced.