Intervention orders

There are two different types of intervention orders, and the legal test for obtaining them are different in each case. The first type of intervention order is a personal safety intervention order (PSIO), and the second type is a family violence intervention order (FVIO).

Although they are both intervention orders, they are regulated by different acts being the Personal Safety Intervention Order Act (2010) and the Family Violence Protection Act (2008).

The main difference between them is that a PSIO can be obtained only if a party has engaged in assault, harassment, property damage of making a threat, whereas a FVIO can be obtained if a party has committed family violence against an affected family member.

The mains issues with a FVIO is whether the party is an affected family member, and whether or not the conduct alleged is actually family violence.

Breaches of Intervention orders have serious repercussions and can affect freedom of movement. They must be treated seriously.